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Flavor down to the core!

Seafood Soul, a mobile food and catering food truck that provides the best food in town. Delivering quality seafood and soul food with consistency!

Available Thursday- Sunday 4PM-1AM. Check us out!

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My Story

The best food in town!

My food is based on that good ole' soulfood that I experienced everyday while living on a farm. As time passed my love for soulful seafood and southern cooking grew and I began to serving small events hosted by family and friends. Watching my mother and aunts toll over ovens while singing songs created an atmosphere that I would later incoporate into my cooking. I fully believe that good quality food brings a bit of happiness that one may never acknowledge. My goal here at Seafood Soul is to provide next level service in which a person is both satisfied with the quality and quantity of food.
~X. Wineston(Founder/Owner)

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Best Quality


Fresh Seafood

Seafood Soul only uses Fresh and quality seafood when cooking. If we can't put on our table, it doesn't make it to your plate.

Fresh Vegetables

We use nothing but garden fresh ingredients & nothing matters more to us than to ensure that high quality food is consistently being served to our customers.

Fresh Meat

The only thing that completes our burgers is grade A meat. Anything else doesn't make the cut. You should taste the difference!

Best Flavors

Seafood Soul will never compromise on flavor. Our soulful southern take on classics is so good you'll slap your... well, you know the rest.

Call Ahead!

Call your order in and we will be more than happy to deliver on all orders above $25.

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